Making Customer Feedback
more succesful starts with Naxai

Powered by RingRing, Naxai is an online survey platform for business. Create personnalized surveys and get your customers feedback in a few clicks, through any channels.

Our mission

It’s not always clear to know what your customers think of your product or services. And customer satisfaction is too important for using your gut to make decisions.

At Naxai, we believe the time and the efforts you put into customer satisfaction are precious. This is why we developed the right tool to collect, send and analyze your customers feedback.

Our mission

What define us?

Small & passionate team

From coding to support, our simple goal is to deliver a quality experience to our customers.

Powerful skills

We are a skilled team of X people who always get the job done the right way.


Our collaborative approach allow us to overcome challenges and to deliver a platform we are proud of. 

Powered by RingRing

At RingRing, we have put all our expertise and experience to develop Naxai and to allow you get the most of it. Interact with your customers in a few clicks and through any channels. You find there all you need to make your customer happy. 

For more than 30 years, The RingRing Company (RingRing) is a Belgian leader in CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service), the multi-channel cloud communication platform industry.

As a technology halfway between IT and telecommunications, CPaaS enables companies to easily integrate automated communication with their applications and services, regardless of the sector or size of the organization.