What is the Customer Effort Score (CES)?

Written by Maïwenn Marchand
October 28, 2022
What is the Customer Effort Score (CES)?

In the world of customer experience (CX), knowing what your users think is important. To provide a service that meets the expectations of customers, it is necessary to analyse and understand their needs in-depth. The CES survey, among other survey tools, helps to meet this need. Discover what is the customer effort score (CES) and why you should use it for your business.

What is the Customer Effort Score (CES)?

The CES survey is a transactional survey. It assesses customers’ distinct experiences with a particular company. The Customer Effort Score surveys are triggered by specific interactions and processes between a customer and a company. As customers are more loyal to a product or service that is easier to use, it is very important to know this score and, if necessary, to improve it.

How does CES work?

The Customer Effort Score is an index from 1 to 7 that measures how easy a company makes it for customers to interact with its products and services. The Customer Effort Score scores the “effort a customer has to put in” to solve a problem, to buy/return a product or to answer a question for example. A company that provides an effortless service will get a 7/7. Whereas a company that makes it difficult for the customer to do so will get a 1/7. In other words, the higher the CES, the better!

The question in CES surveys is usually like this: “on a scale from ‘very easy’ to ‘very difficult, how easy was it to interact with [company name]?

Use CES to reduce churn

Churn is a key factor for businesses. The effort required by customers to access and interact with your services is a good indicator of their loyalty. The Customer Effort Score is simple to implement and can be done through various channels. Whether it’s via SMS, automated voice or bots, select the channel that best suits your users.

Try to make multichannel surveys

In addition, the Customer Effort Score is a quick and easy measure for customers to evaluate. The Customer Effort Score (CES), linked to business results, is easy to track and analyse over time. However, it does not always give a complete picture and should ideally be combined with another survey such as an NPS® or CSAT for example. All it takes is one bad interaction and a customer who usually has an excellent relationship with your company can give a negative rating. This is why it is important to complement your CES survey with other tools.

If you would like to test the CES tool and offer various types of surveys for your customers, please contact our team of experts. They will analyse your needs and propose the most suitable tool for your company.