Optimaliseer de klantenzorg van je callcenter in 5 stappen

door | 21 feb 2023

Je kunt niet ontkennen dat de klantenzorg van jouw callcenter belangrijk is. Voor elk bedrijf geldt dat de klant centraal staat en zijn tevredenheid essentieel is. De kwaliteit van de zorg zal de loyaliteit van je klanten verbeteren of juist verslechteren. De klantenzorg van jouw callcenter moet je klanten geven wat ze willen op het moment dat ze het willen. Dat klinkt eenvoudig, maar hoe te beginnen? Wij hebben 5 tips om de kwaliteit van je klantenzorg te verbeteren.

Kies de juiste kanalen

Your customers want to reach you through the channels they prefer. A telephone line is in most cases not enough. That’s why Naxai proposes an omnichannel communication platform. Reach your customers through their favourite channel, or, the most effective channel for your target audience.

There’s no exact formula for choosing the right channels. In our experience, multi-channel is better than just one channel. But that doesn’t mean you need to go all the way. Listen to your customers, and try to grasp their communication preferences. Each customer base is different, so each mix of channels is different as well.

Wees 100% beschikbaar

What do most customers want? Availability. If they have a problem or question, they want a solution or an answer immediately. Whether you like it or not, people need instant gratification. So, as a company, and more as a contact center, you need to make sure that your mix of channels provides 100% availability. That doesn’t mean your call center customer care should be accessible day and night. But it might be smart to provide a bot – via Facebook Messenger or SMS – to tackle your clients’ most frequently asked questions, 24/7.

Onthoud dat de klant in principe zelfstandig is.

People don’t like to ask for help. On the other hand, they hate not finding what they need. Therefore, your contact center’s customer care needs to give them self-service highways. First, the content on your website should provide your customers with the answers they need. Create compelling blog posts, podcasts and videos, and compose a useful FAQ page. Next to content, your customers might also need shortcuts to what they’re looking for. Integrating a (chat)bot on your website, Facebook Messenger or SMS is a great and efficient way of helping your clients instantly. Of course, in some cases, you need human interaction. And that’s what the next point is about.

Gebruik menselijke interactie wanneer nodig en automatisering wanneer mogelijk.

Je zult ons nooit horen zeggen dat menselijke interactie niet belangrijk is voor de klantenzorg van een callcenter, maar in sommige gevallen hebben je klanten gewoon geen zin om een medewerker te moeten spreken over een simpele vraag. Dat is gewoonweg te tijdrovend, ook voor je bedrijf. Vertrouw daarom voor simpele dingen op technologie als bots en relevante content op je website. Hoe complexer de vraag, hoe groter de behoefte aan menselijke interactie. Zorg daarom dat de klantenzorglijnen open staan voor het geval dat zich lastige kwesties voordoen.

Gebruik social media als verlengstuk.

Customer care is great, and there are lots of channels to use: phone, e-mail, SMS and chat. But people also use social media for their own problem-solving. They aren’t reluctant to share their thoughts or ask their questions via your Facebook page or Twitter. We don’t need to say that keeping an eye on those channels is essential, do we?

In any case, analysing your customer’s habits is very important. Analyse your contact center customer care with effective tools (such as NPS ®, CSAT, CES,…) to get to know better your audience. Learn where your customers are, what they need and your contact center and customer support will blow up!

Want more info about our surveys and how we can help you improve your customer care? Contact our expert team! They will analyse your needs and propose the best solution.